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Dot Shot Pro Demo Kit with dispenser and 4 refill rolls
Dot Shot Pro Demo Kit
Part Number: DSP-DK
Out of Stock
Dot Shot Pro dispenser for sale in Wisconsin
Dot Shot Pro
Part Number: DSP
Glue Dots refills with stitch pattern
1/4" diameter Low Profile Stitch Pattern Dot Shot Roll
Part Number: 1/4lpstitchdsp|53
SKU: 1/4lpstitchdsp|53
1/2" diameter Low Profile Glue Dots (Dot Shot)
Part Number: 1/2lpds
SKU: 1/2lpds
1/2" diameter Medium Profile Dot Shot Roll (600/roll)
Part Number: DSP223242
SKU: DSP223242
1/2" diameter High Profile Dot Shot Roll
Part Number: DSPHP
1/2" diameter High Profile, High Tack (Special Overstock Sale)
Part Number: DSP33-404
SKU: DSP33-404
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REG. $18.10

Dot Shot Pro Dispenser Gun & Refills

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The Dot Shot Pro puts productivity in the palm of your hand.

ApplyGlue Dotsquickly, cleanly, and precisely with the portable, handheld Dot Shot Pro.

  • Lightweight
  • Safe for repetitive use
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Safer than hot glue guns

Dot Shot Pro brochure

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Versatile Glue Dot Dispenser

The Dot Shot Pro dispenses one or more Glue Dots at a time and can accommodate a multitude of custom patterns and the new stitch pattern.

GlueDots dot shot pro dispenserGlueDots Dot Shot pro applicator in use at Pyrex companyDot Shot pro for Gift Basket making胶点分发器枪Dot Shot Pro used on Carton Sealing

Tack Levels Standard Glue Dots tack (strength) levels: Super High Tack creates a permanent bond, which will tear paper.

Low and Medium Tack Glue Dots are considered removable from most substrates. High Shear Glue Dots have vertical hold capabilities.

Glue Dot Profiles

Glue Dots are available in three profiles (thicknesses).

Low Profile Glue Dots are thin and used for bonding level items.

Medium and High Profiles are used to create a bridge or gap between substrates.

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