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auto-dot pro glue dot applicator machine for sale
Auto Dot Pro Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser
Part Number: Auto Dot Pro
SKU: Auto Dot Pro
Auto Dot Pro GlueDot Rolls
Part Number: ADP Rolls
SKU: ADP Rolls

Auto Dot™ Pro Semi-Auto Dispenser & Refill Rolls


Improved speed and efficiency with the Auto Dot Pro.

The Auto Dot Pro Glue Dot applicator machine accelerates productivity with this variable or continuous speed.
Product features:
  • Automated advancing system
  • Internal winding system
  • Variable or continuous speed operations
  • Fast loading design
  • Multiple threading options
  • Accommodates up to a 4,000-count Glue Dots roll
  • Accommodates Glue Dots or Glue Lines


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