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Smooth-Tex Premium Borax Powdered Hand Soap 5 lb. Box

Product Number:HS302-005 1
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DIMENSIONS Height:8.25 Inches Width:3.44 Inches Length:5.32 Inches Weight:5 Lb(s) 0 Oz

5 lb Box Borax Powdered Lanolinized Hand Soap - Gritty Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 1 Box - 5lbs Total

  • Can't find your favorite 5 lb box of powder hand soap? This is a perfect replacement.
  • 米ade with an emollient, the finest grade of borax and a mineral scrubber, and with coconut oil and tallow for an abundant lather, makes this powdered hand soap mild and gentle on this skin.
  • Removes grease, stains, Paint, Tar, Ink and odors from the hands quickly leaving them soft and smooth. The soap rinses quickly and leaves no soapy film on the skin and lathers freely in hot or cold, soft or hard water.
  • 不包含任何synth吗etic detergents or silicates
  • IDEAL for industrial and commercial use. The soap flows easily through dispensers.


Banco Economy Borax Powdered Hand Soap 5 lb. Box
Part Number: HS301-005 1
SKU: HS301-005 1
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